Commercial Vehicle Battery

Product Info::

SAIF POWER CV Batteries are designed for high performance commercial vehicle with large power demands. Featuring specialist internal components, unique design features and leading technologies to deliver what motorist really want, longer life and superior performance.

Features and Benefit:

  • Special alloy composition reduces the gassing and frequent topping up of electrolyte, in turns makes the battery almost maintenance free.
  • Advanced grid design improves the adherence of active material makes the battery corrosion resistance and ensures longer life of battery.
  • Use of Automated Cast On Strap (COS) machine for group burning.
  • Special curing process reduces the active material shedding and increases the life of battery in rough road.
  • Thick flat plate with superior edge over competitors.
  • Manufactured with new, advanced and world class European and USA machineries.
  • First time in Bangladesh use of modern methodology of Lead testing by ICP-OES for best impurity control.
  • High porosity and very low resistance poly ethylene Separator reduces the internal resistance of battery.
  • Thicker Glass mat reduces the plate shedding and increase the life of battery.
  • Use of special chemical improves the cold cranking performance.
  • Robust design of Container and Cover makes the life of battery more stronger and longer for use in rough terrain.
  • Robust design of Rope Handle for easy lifting.
  • Low shelf discharge rate & long shelf life.



Standard Complied:

Maintenance Tips:

  • Avoid flames, spark & smoking near the battery.
  • To obtain optimum service life out of the battery avoid deep discharge cycle.
  • Battery needs sufficient recharge after every discharge.
  • Use insulated tool while working on battery.
  • Use protective goggles & hand gloves when working on battery.
  • Top up cell with SAIF Powertec De-Mineralized (DM) water only, never add acid.
  • Electrolyte level to maintain to the prescribed level.
  • Ensure proper terminal connection so that positive terminal get connected with the positive post and negative terminal gets connected with the negative post.
  • If battery left unused for longer period, battery need to recharge from the prescribed dealer. And after charging the battery, at least 2 hour of rest time is needed for battery to be used at load.
  • Battery can be cleaned using wet cloth but ensure positive and negative terminal doesn’t get short by this.
  • Upper part of the battery need to be moisture free and clean.
  • If the connecting slot of battery clamp, Tray, Terminal Post get rusted then clean them using light hot water and use Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly there.

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