• SAIF POWER LTD is the name that believes in offering superior product repeatedly without deteriorating its standard whether thats be goods or service. We believe mastery over the basic technology behind the product and the profound collaboration within our groups make us unique in our doing. That drives us to challenge the worldwide best in the industry.

  • Keeping that in mind SAIF POWER LTD lands its footstep to the world of battery industry.SAIF POWER LTD offer a vast segment of batteries like Passenger Car(PC),Commercial Vehicle(CV),Electric Vehicle(EV), Electric Rickshaw(ER),Maintenance Free Motorcycle(MC),Flat Plate Deep Cycle,Tall Tubular Deep Cycle,Soalr,Generator,Tractor batteries,SMF PC,SMF CV,SMF DC,VRLA. In Addition to battery we offer De-Mineralized water as well to strengthen our product life.

  • In doing so we make our product with some of the world best advanced technology. We manufacture our product with high quality advanced machineries from some of the worldwide acclaimed manufacturer of Europe & USA. Our brand is renowned for its people. People who are dedicated with its cause and settled the work with no less than excellence. That people with a wide distribution network and superior high quality product in hand are making the difference in its arena