Container Terminal Engineering Department

Container Terminal Engineering Department (CTED)

  • SAIF Powertec Limited Container Terminal Engineering Department CTED) was established when Chittagong Port Authority procured four Mitsubishi Quay Gantry Crane in August 2005 and from then SAIF Powertec got the contract for Repair and Maintenance of those Crane. It was a challenging task for the company to keep the crane functional in all respect. Till then SPL continuing this task without any major trouble. Presently more 10 in no ZPMC brand QGC ‘s repair and maintenance work also performing by CTED upon contractual agreement .

  • CTED also perform Repair and Maintenance task 28 in no Kalmar/ZPMC brand RTG (Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane), 5 in no MHC (Mobile harbor Crane) on contractual agreement. Besides CTED maintenance team rendering service for equipments repair to various ICD (Inland Container Depot) as well. .
  • Apart from CTED also performing repair and maintenance of their own numbers of Port handling equipments like FLT, RST, Prime Mover (Trailer) etc.
  • At present CTED running by No’s of Experience Engineer and Technicians and also some foreign expart.
On contract for Repair & Maintenance of QGC/ RTG/MHC (CPA)
  • MHI Quayside Gantry Crane : 04 .
  • ZPMC Quayside Gantry Crane : 10
  • ZPMC Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane : 11
  • New Kalmar E-One2 RTG : 17
  • Liebherr Mobile Harbor Crane : 05
Maintaining company owned Port Handling Equipments
  • Empty Container Handler (FLT) : 07 .
  • Prime movers and Trailers : 89
  • Forklift : 07
  • RST (Load) : 01
Aim and Objective Of CTED
  • To achieve the best performance on QGC, RTG, and company owned port handling equipments (RST, FLT, Prime Mover)
  • To get highest operational output by reducing equipments breakdown
  • To provide equipments maximum efficiency by execution of planned maintenance and least possible cost and time
  • To ensure equipment demand by operation department as and when asked for